CONSULTATIONS ($225 + tax / Realtor pricing available)

We will meet with the seller and listing agent to do a thorough evaluation of the property including curb appeal, focal points, traffic flow, furniture placement, light sources as well as a number of other aspects that factor into a property’s appeal to potential buyers. At that time, we will provide a thorough and detailed report which serves as an “action plan” to assist the seller  in getting his/her property ready for photos, viewings and open houses.



MINI STAGE ($325 + tax)

This staging package includes a thorough 2 hour staging consultation with attention to all aspects of the property including curb appeal, focal points, traffic flow, lighting and any and all aspects of the home that can be emphasized for maximum appeal to buyers. The Mini Stage also includes a detailed report/action plan to prepare property for listing. As an added bonus in this package, once all of the recommendations have been completed from the staging consultation report, we will return to your property for an additional hour of final touches and tweaks prior to photos being taken.



STAGING SERVICES (Starting at $295)

For those property owners requiring a more full service staging solution. We will provide a free estimate for our professional services to maximize the positive aspects of a property by showcasing your own existing decor; utilizing our inventory of contemporary, sophisticated, hand selected accessories; arranging for furniture rental; and/or, providing advice on trusted professional tradespeople for painting, off-site storage, cleaning or minor repairs.



VACANT & MODEL HOME STAGING (Starting at $1995)

Staging vacant and model homes can be more involved than staging an occupied home. Iverson Staging & Design arranges for furniture and accessory rental to add adequate furniture and accessories to make the property feel comfortable and liveable. Nothing will be left to the buyers imagination. Staging a vacant home creates a lasting impression and emotional connection to assist buyers in envisioning themselves living in the space.




Paint swatches can be overwhelming. Iverson Staging & Design assists home owners with choosing the right colours to suit your home and style - whether it’s your current home or a new home, we provide colour consultation services to ensure that the colour scheme of your home is unforgettable.



REDESIGN & NEW BUILD HOME DESIGN ($75/hr - min. of 4 hours)

If you have just purchased a new home or you are looking to update your current home, Iverson Staging & Design can help you with the interior styling, furniture placement and overall function and flow. We put special emphasis on ensuring that every home exudes comfort and is an expression of each client’s personal sense of beauty.



Staging services are quoted on an individual basis.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and schedule a free estimate.